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Thai Edge

 Some may carp about allegedly less than authentic aspects to parts of the interior at this consummately stylish restaurant but I guess the vast majority of the diners are unlikely to get their tom yums in a twist over such matters.

 After all. it looks good and it tastes good and that's pretty well all that's required for the most part.

 Staff in opulent purple are wreathed in smiles and greet everyone beautifully. The place looks fabulous. as does the food.

 Fish and seafood are the key players but there are plenty of fascinating vegetable dishes either as side orders or star attractions.

Beware the awful practice of adding a service charge (10 per cent) to your bill and then asking you if you want to add a tip when you're paying by card.


Food: Asian




7 Oozells Square

Telephone: 0121 643 3993


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