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Wing Wah

Wing Wah is part of the flamboyantly-oriental complex which also houses the Wing Yip supermarket and warehouse - a big and hugely successful bit of Chinatown not far from the city centre.

I hesitate to trot out the old adage about how it must be good because it's full of Chinese diners - after all. do the Chinese look at McDonald's and say it must be good because it's full of English?

But the evidence here seems overwhelming; it's an enormous place. always busy and always. yes. with Chinese (it's so handy when you've done your shopping next door) but by no means totally so.

The turnover is so fast and furious that hot. fresh food can be relied upon. Service is brisk and there are as-much-as-you-can-eat buffets. although the food in these isn't quite in the same league as the a la carte.


Food: Asian




278 Thimble Mill Lane

Telephone: 0121 327 7879


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