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National Butchers Week 16th-21st March 2009

National butchers Week is now in its second year and will be running from the 16th to the 21st of March. The aim behind the week is to encourage consumers to use their local butcher as the first point of call when buying their meat produce, and to make use of the butchers in-depth knowledge on their products from menu suggestions to the more unusual cuts. 
In the past couple of years there has been a negative decline in the number of consumers that are using local butchers shops. Facts that may have influenced this are the recent food scares and the dominance of large supermarket chains altering buying habits.

Your local butchers shop can provide high quality meat (largely from local producers) at the quantities that are required. In the butchers shop high quality meat is combined with experienced and knowledgeable staff. Size and quantities can be more freely determined at a butcher’s shop thus reducing the amount left over, harsh contrast to the pre-package vacuum packed stuff of the supermarket chiller aisles. Butchers will also prepare your meat for you, ether for a specific dish or ready for the freezer.   The local butchers have strong ties with the local community, not only via the meat that they are selling (from local farms, abattoirs, suppliers) but also the customers that frequent the shop. Meat in supermarkets is often under hung and leaner than produce available from you local butcher resulting in tougher less flavorsome meat.

Some unusual cuts that are coming back in to fashion
Shin of beef
Pigs Trotters
Bath Chaps
Breast of Lamb
The list is endless!

Currently up to 23 Butchers shops are forced to close every month. Why not use this week as an opportunity to re-visit your local butchers; they may not be there next year!

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