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Chocolate, chocolate and yes more chocolate, Easter has arrived!

Louis started his company Chokolit (how he spelt it as a child) at the tender age of 13 in the family kitchen, producing gifts for friends and relatives. Production has now moved to a factory in Bridgnorth, which supplies leading supermarkets and retailers.

Chokolit makes hand crafted artisan chocolate that aims to give back something to the environment by not using palm oil in its production. Palm oil is used widely in the confectionery industry, in contrast to other vegetable oils palm oil is saturated and has little or no heath benefits. Rain forests (habitat of the Sumatran Orangutans) are being cleared to create space for plantations. This deforestation not only leads to loss of habitat but can also lead to increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.  Louis is involved in a lobby for the reclassification of palm oil together with the Sumatran Orang-utan Society (SOS).

In support of this he has created a range of chocolate bars called ‘Biting Back Bars’ which were launched last year at Chester Zoo. The first to be designed was the Orang-utan Biting Back Bar, for each bar that is sold five pence is donated to the SOS and another five pence is donated to Chester Zoo’s Bornean Orang-utan Society.

The range of Biting Back Bars now includes nine different bars which each support a different species and charity. The Bars aim to raise awareness of animals in danger and the loss of their habitat. For each bar sold ten pence is donated to its chosen charity helping endangered species. Charities include the Amur Leopard & Tiger Alliance, The Great Plains Campaign and the Big Cat Initiative.

As of January 2009 one supermarket had sold 40,000 bars raising a total of £4000 for the various charities.

Ethical, environmentally friendly and tastes fantastic. Chocolate without the guilt!

To learn more about the Chokolit range or purchase some of the fabulous products follow the link below.



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