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Sausages - 2009 is gonna be a real Banger!

Why is the sausage making a come back? Good quality sausages are now one of the staple ingredients found on any gastro pubs menu, and even some of the posher restaurants across the Midlands. Sausages are also a relatively quick and easy meal to cook at home with mash, boiled or chipped potatoes.

Some little known facts about the humble sausage. In 2007 88% of British households regularly brought sausages in their weekly shop with over half eating them as a main meal once a week. The first recorded evidence of sausage making was in Iraq 5000yrs ago, meat and offal was stored and cooked in animal’s intestines as a way to preserve the meat and keep it fresher for longer. The sausage was also a popular theatre snack in ancient Greece. In 320 AD the Roman Emperor Constantius banned the consumption and making of sausages because of their shape and phallic like appearance, so sausage making went under ground and happened in secret. The term banger derives from the First World War as sausages often exploded with a bang during cooking. Sausages are a good way to ensure maximum use of an animal as any spare or funny looking bits can be minced up and used as fillings.

The basic sausage has remained the same for centuries though synthetic cellulose is now often used as a casing instead of salted animal intestines. Along with the humble pork sausage more interesting combinations are now available such as pork and watercress, venison, lamb and mint and not forgetting the continental offerings such as Chorizo and Bratwurst. There’s now a sausage available to suit any pallet or budget.

Have a look at some of the menus listed from the Midlands pubs and restaurants, many of which are holding special sausage, pie, and game nights, as well as ‘British Menus’ for around £10 for 2 courses, like at the Feathers at Brockton, The Hundred House, Near Telford, The Danery in Bridgnorth, and the Hadley Bowling Green In Worcestershire. Tell us where your favourite bangers are served or best pies.


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