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British Pie Week Events

Here are a few of the regions favorite pie fillings!

Steak and Ale/ Kidney (Classic pub grub)
Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken Ham and Leek
Moroccan Lamb Pie (pictured, from the Hundred House- Norton)
Apple and Blackberry served with homemade Custard

Some Pie Facts

Historians believe that the roots of the humble pie can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians where the bakers to the pharaohs incorporated nuts honey and fruit in to bread dough. Proof of this can be found on the walls of some of the ancient tombs in the Valley of the Kings. In ancient Greece pies were starting to resemble the ones that are eaten today, during this period pies were made using a flour and water paste wrapped around meat.  This was a way of cooking the meat and also sealed in the juices. The Romans picked up on the idea from the Greeks and their pies filled with goat’s cheese and honey topped with rye crust was the first known specific recipe.
The first known record of pies in England was in the 12th century; the pies were predominantly meat filled and the casing or crusted making up a high percentage with very little filling. They were called coffins due to their long appearance. Some times the crust was not eaten, it provide a vessel for the filling to be served in. Pies became popular in London at the start of the 18th Century; they were seen as cheap nutritious food for the working masses with hundreds of pie and mash shops popping up.

Pies that are eaten today come in many shape sizes, pastry types, fillings etc. Why not pop along to one of the following venues to sample their homemade pies – and don’t forget pies don’t have to be savory.

The Hundred House- Norton- Sausage and Pie selection night 3 courses £18.95 27th February SOLD OUT!

Boyne Arms- Burwarton  - Pie and Pudding Night 4th March

Wenlock Edge Inn, Much Wenlock – DailyHomemade pies

Fox Inn, Bridgnorth – Homemade Pies of the day.

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